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Why Research Space
  • Maintain Privacy

  • Encourage the training of employees in Continuing Education activities

  • Skill Development activities

  • Subject upgradation workshops using the facilities

  • Deliver the Working Model on Time

  • Money Back

  • Collaboration with Colleges brings great opportunities to work together on research Proposals

Why Research ?

  • It leads to understanding the problems associated with society.

  • It motivates and provides confidence in any area by reading and sharing helpful information.

  • It nourishes and gives exercise to the mind.

  • It creates opportunities to succeed in business.

  • It ensures fairness by projecting clear statements of true and false information.


Pentagonspace comports scientific innovations and research to buttonhole the development of fundamental challenges in society. It intends to combine researchers and practitioners, from the academy to the IT industry, who can innovate and integrate intelligent computing methods on a cutting edge research domain, from Data Science to the Internet of everything. It also gives assistance and opportunity to Research Scholars to put their ideas into practice as research scholars work in small teams, collect problem statements, designs solutions and develop software systems using diverse novel techniques. Pentagonspace commits to foster a higher standard of research guidance.

" What we know is a drop, what we don't know is an ocean. "

                                                                                                                      ― Isaac Newton

Research Areas
Research Space objective

• Research Assistance to Research Scholars

• MoU with various Institutes and University

• Developing Research Proposal to fetch grants from funding agencies.

• End to End solutions on the Research Proposal.

• Incubation Center by Collaborating with Colleges.


To provide an arena of research and technical development to support the needs of society. Educate students with the newest technology to collaborate with artificial intelligence and strive to be at par with the company's tagline - 'Master the Future.'

  • To create a collaborative community of human intelligence and artificial intelligence.

  • To discover innovation in the interest of society.

  • To provide a platform for continuous learning of knowledge.

  • To adapt to changes in research to benefit the future generations so that the society is motivated by progress.


The primary purpose is to ensure mastery of niche technologies. Make technology affordable for usage, research, and development. The agenda is to foster the research values in various institutes by promoting research work in newly evolving and stimulating cutting-edge technologies in engineering. To encourage research scholars, students, faculties to build solutions on emerging frontiers in the areas such as artificial intelligence, big data, the Internet of things, computer vision, natural language processing.

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