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Research Proposal

Identify the Equipment's Required
Estimate the Cost
Submit the Research Proposal
Identify the Problem
Find the feasible solution
Prepare the Research Proposal

Process Flow

Identify The Problem

Find the Feasible Solution

Prepare the Research Proposal

Identify the Equipments Required

Estimate the Cost

Submit the Research Proposal

Rigorous survey will be conducted in order to identify the problem. Comprehensive survey will be made by studying the Indian and foreign countries scenarios. Research gaps will be identified by referring minimum 20 recent papers in journals of IEEE, Springer, ACM, SCI Indexed and Elsevier

Once the problem is defined, the existing solutions will be identified and drawbacks of the existing solutions will be evaluated so that better solution can be introduced for implementation.  Pros and cons will study systematically to understand the solutions. Feasibility study will be conducted on the proposed solutions.

This includes preparing the proposal according to the prescribed format of the funding agency. All the supporting documents need to be provided by the collaborated institute for effectively preparing the proposal. Plagiarism check will be carried out before deliver the proposal to the clients

To accomplish the proposal objectives, it is necessary to prepare the list of equipment’s required. A detailed study on equipment’s available in the institute will be made and additional equipment’s required will be considered for proposals. The detailed configuration of Support will be provided in equipment’s purchasing.

Based on the equipment’s required the cost estimation will be made. Equipment’s cost will be verified with three vendors and best cost will be incorporated. We have support for vendors who can provide equipment’s required.

With plagiarism report proposal will be given to respective institute and further processing of the proposal.

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