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Research Assistance

      Research space provides an End-to-End assistance in Research work, which follows agile methodology to complete each task. In order to carry out the research work, research scholar need deep understanding of the domain, proper formulating the road map, methodology to be followed, implementation of work, conducting survey and case studies and technical writing skills.

Training on the research topics is required for research scholar to accomplish the research work. Rigorous data analysis is essential to conduct the research. Proper methodology should be followed to derive a best solution to the problem identified. The process of research work includes collection data, review on existing solutions, finding the limitation of the existing methods, selection of appropriate method, rigorous analysis of obtained results, findings from the proposed solutions. Research scholars can get the best assistance from identification of problems to submission of research article to reputed journals or conference.


Process Flow

Research Problem Identification


Analysis of the Data

Paper Writing

Thesis Writing

Reducing Plagiarism

In identification of the research problems, analysis of the societal needs to be investigated. These needs thorough knowledge, observation and technical skills for formulation. The tasks involved in formulation of problem are as follows:

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Research space will give research assistance in implementation, expert will connect with research scholar for giving an input. The team will work together in data collection, analysis of data, preparing the methodology, technology to be adopted, deriving the hypothesis and inference. The execution process:


Analysis of data contains gathering of data, collection of data, explore the data by performing data visualisation, cleaning of data and interpretation of data. In analysis different patterns will be identified and focus

Paper Writing

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Thesis Writing

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Plagiarism refers to copying the contents from other reference, in thesis it is not accepted. These contents may be present in particular paragraph, sentence and in complete page. According to university norms the plagiarism should be less than 10 percentage. Research scholar needs to be careful while preparing the content and review.